This album was inspired by a reading a few different sci fi novels.

Specifically I made it whilst reading “A Maggot” by John Fowles, and the various dune sequels - “Children of Dune” was the one that had the biggest impact I think.

I had recorded a few more spacey and synthy tracks that didn’t make the cut in the end.

In retrospect I think that this album is

CONFUSED and INCONSISTENT. But I still like it

I like a lot of the sounds but I don’t really like most of the lyrics. I also dislike most of the singing but I think that’s always the way.


On this record you will hear sounds from

- Arturia Minibrute

- Dreadbox Erebus v2

- Appalachian Dulcimer

- Roland Juno G

- Electric Guitar

- Electric Bass

It was recorded using

- Apogee Duet

- Ableton Live

- Shure SM58


The album artwork was drawn by

Thanks Brie!

Made on mmm